Small Engine Repair: An Introduction to Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair

An Introduction to Small Engine Repair

iLabel (2011)

Simply put, folk music has the peerless power of creating a big bubble, in which it protects you from everything else. Or at least, that’s my reaction to good folk music. This is why as soon as the voice of Phill Twigg reached my ears introducing me to the Small Engine Repair I knew that I had found some of this magic.

This collective of lo-fi folk lovers came to life two years ago, and since then its story has been an eventful and rewarding one. Their songs have been introduced in different compilations, (one became part of the soundtrack of a short film) and everything leading them to come back to the studio to record their first 7 track EP An Introduction to Small Engine Repair. What came out, in the end, is one the most enjoyable and gentle forays in folk music. The lo-fi Americana influences are maximised here in order to interweave simple melodies with the bright voice of Phil Twigg; they tell stories about melancholy and sweetness, taking advantage of their music to create an intimate atmosphere that fascinates the listener. After the radiant country vibe of Fall Down at Your Feet, which is perfect for a day out under the sun, songs like I Feel So Old and Have You Seen What I Become? are evidence of a harmony and team spirit that need just to be polished. If the former plays with the caressed drums and the lap steel in a country ballad perfectly performed by Twigg, the latter is a fresh nostalgic folk ballad supported by a cello showing us that sometimes the simplest and most minimalist music is what stands out the most. In this gloomy and yet at the same time witty journey through nostalgia and softness Small Engine Repair has the right formula to make it big.



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