Miles Kane: Colour of the Trap

Miles Kane: Colour of the Trap

(Columbia, 2011)

Firstly, the guitarist of The Little Flames, secondly the frontman of Rascals; thirdly Alex Turner’s co-frontman of Last Shadow Puppets and finally, the presence of Noel Gallegher in his solo album.

Miles Kane has been hyped by media since the release of the first singles of his upcoming album Colour of the Trap, the last project of the musician from north-west England. He started at 18 in The Little Flames, went through The Rascals, Last Shadow Puppets and ended up collaborating with Arctic Monkeys in some of the tracks of Favourite Worst Nightmare, such as 505, The Bakery and Plastic Tramp. 

With Colour of the Trap Miles Kane fulfills our expectations, with some pure moments of rock and roll and a pinch of Britpop, as the guitar and drums of Better Left Invisible can prove. Kingcrawler also draws on Lennon’s tradition with some psychedelic percussion, then back to rock and roll roots with Come Closer and surprises the listener with some fresh and ‘surfish’ indie pop in Quicksand. Spaghetti Western (Telepathy) and Italian folkloristic vibes (Take the Night from Me) alternate with some raw rock softened by the accompaniment of Clémence Poésy in Happenstance. Colour of the Trap is a mixture of English rock, from the ‘60s style to the retro approach of the newly-born Beady Eye. A pleasant surprise from one of the coolest and most stylish guys in the UK.


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