With Love from Humans – EP

With Love from Humans -EP

(Expat Records, 2011)

Funky acoustic pop, upbeat vibe and a pinch of trumpet are the ingredients of With Love from Humans. Simple melodies and typical indie-pop vibe characterise the British indie scene, making their music accessible, fun and full of energy. With Love from Humans come from Bath, Somerset, and rely on catchy songs which may not be innovative, but represent a pure burst of colorful pop. They take their influence from Blur, Strokes and a bit of Libertines – everything mixed with tons of cheerful Britpop. A pleasant surprise, especially thanks to good production, supported by live performances that are worth seeing.

With Love from Humans started in 2007 and waited until 2011 for the release of the first self-titled EP. However, the massive live presence enabled them to gather a large horde of fans in more than 60 shows collected in two tours. In With Love from Humans, the group shows how easy it is to make good music when you have fun. I Need Love is the first energetic song, with a strong backbone of drums and vocals, accompanied by choruses and a male counterpoint. The song is spiced up by the presence of a funky trumpet, a real trademark which releases bursts of energetic thoughtlessness, also found in State of the Heart. Here, the group seems to wink at the Beach Boys sound and at contemporaries Wombats in an indie-pop highly influenced by the surf pop of the past; everything is enriched by a catchy chorus, which is the real top of the song – impossible not to sing along. Robota is the highlight of the EP, with its lead guitar and the vocals, in which the main singing participates in a call-and-response with the counterpoint.

With Love from Humans take the mission of spicing our upcoming summer, showing us that in England it’s not just grey clouds and bad weather; and we can not help but celebrate with them.


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