Damn Vandals: Bayonet (single)

Damn Vandals

Bayonet (single)

(Sexy Beast, 2011)


It’s post-punk, it’s melancholic and fascinating in its own way. In the electronic era it’s pleasant to taste something with such a nostalgic aftertaste, which blinks at Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Cave and Joy Division at the same time.

Damn Vandals are London residents with a passion for high quality graffiti art. They left the spraycans to pick up distorted and heavy chords, blues vocals and baroque melodies. Damn Vandals are Jack Kansas from Reading on vocals and guitar, Frank Pick from Oxford on guitar, Adam Kilemore-Gardens from North Ireland on bass and Chris Christianson III on drums from Sheffield, via Switzerland. United by their passion for graffiti they have staked everything on music, without neglecting attention to music videos and live performances. Bayonet is only an appetiser of the album, which will be released by their own label Sexy Beast later this summer. The power of the guitar and the melancholy of the lead vocals are supported by intense lyrics, which mix acceptance (“If this is politics go ahead and make your speech/ If it’s the stars you’re looking for, go ahead and reach”) and resignation when Kansas repeats: “If this is love, kill me now”.

Rough gothic rock, shoegaze-related, post-punk mixed with some old blues and supported by guitar riffs and an insistent bass, Bayonet is an excellent premise of the upcoming debut album, promising to fulfill our expectations. And we can not help but wait with our mouths watering.

Check out their soundcloud and have a go with the video of Bayonet. 


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