Most Controversial Moments in Music

To know more about them, please check on books, magazine, and why not, our beloved

Thanks to, again *oh yeah*

Elvis’ pelvic thrusts banned. When: 1957

Jerry Lee Lewis marries his child brideWhen: 1957

Elvis joins the army. When: 1958

Rolling Stones’ Altamont tragedy. When: 1969

‘Paul is Dead’. When: 1969 (nothing more to say, I guess…)

Charles Manson writes a song for The Beach Boys (Never Learn Not the Love). When: 1969

Jim Morrison ‘exposes’ himself at gig (Miami).When: 1969

Sex Pistols’ Bill Grundy appearance.When: 1976 – with the famous swearing through the way in the interview, with which they got The Daily Mirror‘s frontpage headline: ‘The filth and the fury’’.

Sid Vicious finds Nancy Spungen dead.When: 1978

Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off a bat.When: 1982

Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ video. When: 1989 (YouTube)

Judas Priest blamed for suicide. When: 1990

The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’.When: 1997 – The BBC banned the single, refusing to say the title of the song.

Woodstock 99 riots. When: 1999



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