Sophie Lillienne: Virtual Kiss

Sophie Lillienne

Virtual Kiss (Single)

(Garage Records/Go Down Records, 2011)


Electro pop has risen from the ashes; if we patiently search among them we can find some good music, innovative in its simplicity. That’s what happened with Sophie Lillienne’s Virtual Kiss, the last single released from the album Lies, Kisses and Redemption. Electro-alternative which is clean, straight to the point and sweetened with simple synth and a crystalline voice.

Sophie Lillienne was born as a one-man-project (VeZzO), which quickly evolved into several collaborations throughout the years. After the self-titled EP released in 2006, on March 2009 the first full-lenght titled The End Of All The Circles was released. About one year later  Sophie Lillienne entered in studio to record the new album called Lies, Kisses and Redemption, which is published for Garage Records/Go Down Records/Audioglobe in 2011.

Virtual Kiss is just a nibble of the album, and it quickly summarises the electro-pop gothic atmosphere that characterises it. The electronic basis is fast, neurotic yet able to enhance the vocals without overwhelming them. Synths become an essential part of the song, playing with the voice to create moments of suspension and emotional peaks. Moments of excitement follow moments of suspence in a see-saw of different sensations, in nothing more than four minutes or so of pure electro beat; a roller coaster of sounds that results in pure, dreamy electro pop.

Looking forward to listening to the whole album, for the ones interested in the song, check it out at the link: Virtual Kiss (Radio Edit).


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