Sophie Lillienne: Lies, Kisses and Redemption

 Sophie Lillienne

 Lies, Kisses and Redemption

(Garage Records/Go Down Records, 2011)



It’s pretty weird – and also a stroke of luck, I guess – to have such good instinct and  understand instantaneously from a single that the related album is something which will get your attention. That’s what happened to me when I got to listen to Virtual Kiss by Sophie Lillienne. It had beat, it had style, therefore I wrote a review of it. Curious about the album from which the single was taken, Lies, Kisses and Redemption, I decided to have a go with it and I had the undeniable proof that sometimes I have ear for good music.

Just to quote myself (for the ones who hadn’t read my other review already) Sophie Lillienne was born as a one-man-project (VeZzO), which quickly evolved into several collaborations through the years. After the self-titled EP  in 2006, on March 2009 the first full-length was released, entitled The End Of All The Circles. About one year later Sophie Lillienne entered in studio to record the new album called Lies, Kisses and Redemption, which is published by Garage Records/Go Down Records/Audioglobe in 2011.

The album is a full-length composed of twelve English songs and six Italian versions of them, which may help the Italian listeners who are not familiar with the English language to get the lyrics more easily. Every single song of the album is a different universe, created by synth (2nite) or an electro basis (Singe), or techno beats (Some More), or violins (Trustful). In LKAR, moments of pure energy and neurotic beats follow dreamy atmospheres, warm vocals and whispers (Wrong Ways, Lights) in a synthesis of electronic influences, which touch different genres playing constantly with them. The Italian songs prove how Italian can be musical and lyrical, without ruining the flow or breaking the atmosphere.

For the synth/electro lovers, I strongly recommend this foray into the dark side of the beat (Stronger is a perfect example of what I mean) and enjoy this introduction to a fascinating musical chameleon.



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