Budget: Live at Home vol.I

I’d like to thank my boyfriend for always saving a bit of time to proofread my reviews (MostlyMetal).



Live at Home Vol.I

(EP, 2011)

There’s a bit of blues, some stoner, a pinch of punk and jazz in this prog-fusion EP. Fun for you, who are listening to Live at Home Vol.I , and fun for the Budget, who decided to break with all these labels and just play some really good music.

It may be a promotional strategy, it may be a lack of motivation, but the Budget hinder the work of the reviewer when it comes providing a biography. Oh well, let’s ask the music to tell us something more about them. San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. That’s the place the Budget are from. Théo Equis (Piano and voice), Alex García (guitar and voice), Diego Rodríguez (bass guitar), Santiago Valdés (drums), are a four-piece who give equal importance to the vocal parts and the instrumental bits, which can musically recall everything and nothing he same time.

In Jeffrey’s Last Taco (Live at Home), for example, the piano bar atmosphere is enriched by some good blues rock and strong vocals, which offset a brief appearance with a stunning powerful part. Lots of piano and guitar, which usually takes the stage launching into solos to welcome back the last vocal endings. Unexpectedly None of the Above (Live at Home) is led by a more distorted guitar that gives it some punk resemblance, alongside with the 50s rock and blues, which is played with jazz and soul in order to create the perfect marriage of guitar and vocals.

Even if the drums and the bass guitar are way less powerful and tend to be part of the basis, they stand out in Budget’s Theme (Live at Home), in which the distorted guitar creates a sound which is more like a Janis Joplin and the Holding Company sound mixed with some punk ’77 and a blues guitar solo.

All in all, the clear production enables the listener to get all the shades of this EP, which seems mixing all the 60s-70s influences in order to create something completely new and unlabeled. A good beginning for this young band, which just leaves me impatiently waiting for a possible LP.



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