Five Singles in One Review

Adult Swim decided to give thier followers 10 Single Promos, available from As it’s possible to see from the website, every week a new track is released – until the full artwork is completed. This review is going to cover the first 5 tracks, which are by Ford and Lopatin, Beast Coast, How to Dress Well, Mastodon and Active Child. Following this order, I’ll starting off with the American electronic duo, which provide us some electro beat from the ‘80s mixed with some dreamy space music. Too much MIDI (Please forgive me) is a good opener, in which Ford and Lopatin provide some vibe without pushing too hard on the gas, apart from the guitar that accompanies the electro bas3 in the end.  The atmosphere warms a bit with Best Coast’s Gone Again, in which some beach rock meets the garage, in a sunny lo-fi experience. The voice and guitar of Bethany Cosentino leads the song losing the drums a bit but getting the rhythm in anyway. The core of this group of tracks is Us in the Sense of Forever by How to Dress Well. The R&B artist Tom Krell was one of the breakthrough singers of 2010, with his debut album Love Remains. In this new track the dreamy atmosphere is enhanced with some soul, echos and choirs, in a slow paced base accompanied by fast lyrics. We turn the page to Mastodon and their new single Deathbound, a neurotic metal track composed of distorted guitar, some growl, pounding drums in a fast evolution between death and groove metal. Last but not least, the best track of the lot; Hanging On by Active Child. The beat pop interweaves with oriental synth and harp arpeggios, ending up with a slowjam beat, which worthily closes this pack of five songs.


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