Singles Review: The Lights, Alexander Price and Kamp David

Three singles for you, and three different types of music which you can label them. We go from some electro pop to indie pop, and finish off with some pop rock from the 80s.

Synths and clapping hands are the perfect base of a 1980-based electro pop tune, as Alexander Price proves in his single Spend a Little Time. The performer and musician from London, raised in the clubbing scene, creates a catchy sound which gives the listener an aftertaste of dance music from the ‘80s, with electro beat and sampling. In this futuristic atmosphere he creates, pretty glittery and vibrant, it’s easy to imagine his choreography pieces and self made stages, which are an essential part of his performances. Loved by fashion and DJ magazines, he provides a great performance with the female dance troupe the Designer Babies, who can easily fit in this sparkling electro music, for those nostalgic of a more glittery decade.

Kamp David’s Red Hotel walks us through the memory lane of the 80s, providing us some tasty vibe which resembles B52, Electric 6 and Roxy Music at the same time.Red Hotel is relying on some synth, distorted guitar solos and male vocals with female choirs, which brings us from the eighties to the rock and roll of the fifties. The five-piece band is out now with the first full length, Red Hotel, on Zube Records. 

More accessible to the indie pop-rock lovers are The Lights, who sound remarkably as Wheatus in a catchy and carefree track. Female and male vocals are interweaving in the interesting Q & A of No Match for Genevieve, with a riff which reminds me of Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The Birmingham-based band gets some positive energy, unpretentiously and without jolts. Let’s just get carried by the rhythm, perfect in a sunny day, while waiting for their upcoming debut album.


To Sum Up:

Alexander Price – Spend a Little Time

Kamp David- Red Hotel

The Lights – No Match for Genevieve


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