Five Italian Music Websites

…you should definitely check out.

Yes, we can produce some good stuff sometimes. Five websites is worth follow, browse, violate – one hundred percent Italian style. It’s also a good way to practise your Italian – and no, they’re not going to be my Italian collaboration; not at all-ish.


Only Italian music, in a complete insight of the rock scene and even more. Artists can upload music, videos, update their page and also labels can get some promotion. It also provides a complete newsletter and it organises some interesting events all over the country.

2. Soluzioni Semplici

Soluzioni Semplici is a music network, a video database which contains interviews, concerts’ extracts, on-the-road trips with bands and so much more, going from Battles, to Afrika Bambaataa, Anna Calvi and The Pain of Being Pure at Heart.

3. Youthless Fanzine

An online fanzine that covers art, music, movies and culture at the same time, created by some young people who just wanted to share their love for indie music, international but mostly Italian, introducing the readers to some of the most tasty vibe around the web. 

Indie Eye is one of the most updated music/film network in the all Italian-reading cyberspace, providing fresh pieces of news, reviews and interviews and also live reports.

5. Penguins Love to Rock

Pretty interesting website, simple and plain with a colloquial style, longer posts and a really relaxed atmosphere.







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