The Radar: What’s Tasty in Music


Fruit Bats – The Tripper

(Sub Pop)

Folk-based sound mixed with synths, dreamy atmosphere and experimentation. Johnson changed a lot in the creation of this new album, as the press release states ‘His own process shifted slightly to focus more on story-based songs, and following his collaborations with film-makers, he began experimenting with more abstract, less folk-based sounds.’

Released: August 2, 2011

Gold Leaves – The Ornament

(Hardly Art Records)

Lots of melancholy, some good folk mixed with surf tunes in a quite interesting approach to the nostalgic folk theme. This is the first effort of Grant Olsen’s Gold Leaves, solo project that is christened after Robert Frost’s verse ‘Nothing gold can stay.’

Released: August 16, 2011

Sarah Schuster – Possibilities


Possibilities is melancholic blues and hard rock, neurotic post punk and a sunny country track of of minute or more. This Italian trio goes from folk blues to some ballads, which resemble of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey at the same time. Also available via free download and streaming, these eight tracks are worth to be tasted.

Released: August, 2011


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