Categories, features and plenty of news

Hi there, for the second (?!) time I’m actually using the category ‘update’, this is a pretty good achievement, isn’t it?Anyway, less formal, more colloquial and slightly odd – that’s my everyday writing style, therefore I’m apologising in advance if it seems that it’s not Electra writing. Just wanted to share with some of the changes are happening behind the curtain. If I’m here now, it’s mostly because of you, thus I thought it’d be to share. [Yep, I’m quite verbose, I know that].

Anyway, I’m going to explain to you the different regular sections of the blog, and the contents that will be featured from now on, with some good surprises as well. It took a while to adjust it and find my own equilibrium, but I couldn’t even that people would read me and follow me that much.

1.Track of the Week

2.Video of the Week


4.Social Networking

I just changed the name of the category, mostly because I realised that I’m finding lot of interesting stuff going on also on Twitter/FB, therefore MY Space Generation would be quite a lie. Same idea, some info, interesting streaming/downloads/video attached and your curiosity will do the rest

5. What’s New in Town

New releases from underground and breakthrough artists. It may be a video out soon, an album or just a single, but it’s usually something worth trying rather than just something found accidentally by social networking.

6. Radar 

What’s Tasty in Music – New releases, upcoming albums already tasted, or maybe just a nibble of them, and some singles you shouldn’t let go.

7. Taste the Music

Streaming, downloading, soundclouding…in one word taste the music and share it. It’s impressive how much you can find here on the Net, I’m just trying to select what you (and me as well) could enjoy the most.

7. Interview

This is the most thrilling one, the biggest change around here. Interviews with artists which are not just worth listening to, but also have lots of things to tell us about their music. I’m pretty excited as well, so spread the word, spread the love and keep checking WtMiO.

Also guys like me on FB and if you enjoy my random rants follow the on Twitter, lots of news will be held also around there.
Thank you very much again for following my passion, it’s thank to you if I’m still around doing what I do.

E per tutti i coraggiosi italiani che ogni tanto vengono a sbirciare, siete dei galli assoluti, ci tengo che voi lo sappiate.

Rock on, take care
[aka Fab]

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