LunariaN – Experimental Thinking EP

(Phoenixx Records, 2011)

The concept of blending genres can be a pleasure for the band, but at the same time a pain for the reviewer. Especially when it comes to describe a band like LunariaN. They condense synth rock, industrial, alt-rock and alt-metal and some folk in an unexpected but fascinating experience.

LunariaN started in 2006, and since then the Indonesian band has revamped line-up a few times, played lot of gigs around the world and started to create its own fanbase, getting the interest of the blogsphere. Things changed when Rivelino Ismaya, Eky Setyawan, Immanuel Andywillyanto James and Anink Edyson signed with Phoenixx Records last June, releasing officially the EP Experimental Thinking. 

As I already mentioned, their songs blend different genres, which attract a wide spectrum of listeners. We go from some Nine Inch Nails and Linkin Park (Xenophobia, Fire) to Soundgarden (Juicy Eyes) and Muse (Scream Sonata).  The opener Fire starts off with some synths to swing between alt-rock and industrial, with the distorted guitar and relentless drums. Same formula for Xenophobia, in which the climax is reached when the sound gets harder and darker. Interesting parenthesis is given with Etalase Debat Manekin (Mannequin’s Debate Window), in which the power of the instrumental bits are perfectly blended with Indonesian, giving us a pleasant surprise. One of the most powerful tracks is Generation in a Deadline, in which synths blend with guitar, bass and drums creating the perfect contrast with the melodic voice. Synths, bass and a folklore children song help to convey a message, which is clearly prompted in the song title. The musical climax is reached thouch with the baroque synth rock of Scream Sonata, which winks at Muse’s Stockholm Syndrome introducing the piano in a evolution of fast drums and voice.

Still young and with lots of open doors in front of them, LunariaN prove to be like sponges and absorb different influences to create their own sound. Keep going guys.


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