Interview: Sophie Lillienne

I wrote he was one the best Italian acts in electro/synth pop once, I repeated that twice and I’ll keep suggesting you to have a go with Sophie Lillienne‘s music. With the new album Lies, Kisses and Redemption, VeZzO got the interest of the blogosphere getting some attention from both the Italian and international music scene. Here we are exploring his music, his relationship with it, social media and gigs.

Where did the name Sophie Lillienne come from?

I was searching for a name expressing, in some way, a massive sensuality. So I decided to join two proper French names: Sophie and Lillienne. It sounded good. And here it is how the name of the project came out.

How do you think you’ve grown musically over the past six years?

Actually I think I’m a mix of various genres and various musical attitudes. I think this is clear when you listen to “Lies, Kisses and Redemption”. I could say that over the last six years I have “tasted” various musical paths, and in the end, I have used them to create my own music.

Do you listen to your music? If so, can (and do) you pick holes in it?

During the composing/recording stage, I obviously listen to my music, but when the songs are finished – when I get the printed cd – I would say that, in some way, I’m not able to listen to my tunes. I think this is natural. I listen to music made/produced by friends of mine, but I must admit I’m not able to listen to my music as a simple listener. I think this happens because you created the music you’re listening to, in this way you’ll be always judging your music, for example: if I had done something different here maybe the song would have played better, or if I had sang differently in some parts etc etc.

What provoked you to include Italian versions of the songs in your last album?
I can say it was an experiment. When we were recording the songs, the owner of the label asked me to write some Italian versions of the tunes. In my opinion it was a nice idea. So I accepted. At the beginning the idea was to record a second version of the album in Italian language, but in the end we decided to put just 6 songs. I think that some of them sound good in both languages but I don’t think I’ll write again two versions of the same songs voluntary. If it will happen no problem, but if not I won’t try to force myself anymore.

What’s your take on auto tune?

Honestly I think it is useful in the composing stage as in the recording stage. If you have an idea you can record it and with auto tune you can correct it, in this way you can obtain a good draft without losing hours and hours on it. When you are recording, it is useful to correct some parts if they are not perfect, but as everything you don’t have to exaggerate with it. It is a useful tool when you use it in a smart way.

How much is the concept of social media important for you and your music?

Nowadays I think it is very important. You don’t have a lot of chances to perform your song live as it happened without problems some years ago. It’s another important way to reach people and maybe get some new fans ready to follow you in the gigs, willing to buy your records etc etc.

What’s the worst gig you have ever played ?

I’m always very critical with my gigs… but I must admit the worst took place this year… I was playing and the pc began to act in a odd way… I don’t know why… maybe some power problem on the stage… it never happened before… in the end I had to stop performing… it was so frustrating… but it happened…

And on the contrary, what’s the best gig so far?

No one in particular, when you are playing well, enjoying yourself on the stage etc etc, it is already a good gig, and every gig is different from the other…what makes it “the best”, it is just a psychological idea… I cannot say that one in particular is the best; I would say there are a lot of gigs that can be defined as the best so far.

Which music tickles your fancy? Any band or artist in particular?

I should write a never ending list in here… so many bands and so many artists… with internet today you can listen to more music and reach a lot of artists without problems…  there are too many names to quote, I can say “nowadays there are a lot of artists and a lot of them are really interesting”.


Thank you so much VeZzO for taking the time to answer my questions, wish you all the best with your music. For the ones who haven’t done it already, check his music on iTunes.


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