Kamp David – Red Hotel

(Zube Records, 2011)

With sleaze pop and blues, mixed with some rock and synths, Red Hotel covers seven decades in ten tracks. Kamp David did a pretty nice job, creating an album that blends different genres, relying on a wide range of influences, which can be easily depicted in each song.

Kamp David started when a London guitarist (Greg Radcliffe) and an Australian singer (Murray Golding), decided to write songs together. The satisfaction gained from the process and the fun involved made them consider bringing to life something completely new, but at the same time connected to the rock and roll tradition. What they needed was a way to fill their line-up, so Kirsty Wone, Daniel Sakowski (bass) and Oskar Starski (drums) joined the team. After lot of rehearsing and playing around London, the band eventually released its first full length, called Red Hotel. 

Red Hotel mixes some rock and roll from the 50s (Elvis), the blues from the next decade, some glam/sleaze rock from the 80s (Mötley Crüe, Queen) and some synth (David Bowie, B52, Roxy Music). Starting with a shake of rock and roll, synth and glam (Limousine) we get back on track with some guitar solos and relentless drums in Get You Sue, in which it’s easy to get the George Thorogood influence. Some pure rock and roll is the spine of I Feel Good,Trash and the last track The City, which resemble Mötley Crüe and Thin Lizzy combined together. Nice try with the ballad Pain and the synth rock experimentation in I’m a Nice Girl, the single Big Red Hotel and Game Boy. Last but not least it’s worth mentioning Get Out of my Tree, in which we get some of Blondie’s post-punk led by the vocals of Kirsty Wone. Perfect for the rock nostalgics, Red Hotel is an album that is not afraid to look back by inserting a pinch of modernity. Keep calm and party on, people.

Rating: 3.5 /5


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