SocNet: Maria Messina, The Attic Sleepers, National Overdrive



Maria Messina

She’s an Italian pop rock singer, with black hair and a melancholic expression on her face. Her music reflects this, blending English and Italian in some cabaret music mixed with folk. Gothic fairy tales that will tickle the fancy of the most curious ones for sure. Have a go on her bandcamp with the new album Never Walking Shoes.

The Attic Sleepers

This duo from Copenhagen creates some ambient pop music enchanted with multi-layered guitars, ringing bells, synths, and delicate voices. Mathias and Matias are on bandcamp, and from their page it is possible to get three free tracks, among which there is the new single Airport. 


National Overdrive

A five-piece from Minneapolis, with the traditional bass/guitar (doubled) /vocals/drums setting. They go from Soundgarden to Motley Crue, passing through Disturbed and Black Label Society. To get an idea check them out on iTunes with the new EP Welcome to the Nation.



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