Interview: LunariaN

They are young musicans, not scared about experimenting and with a solid fan base in the blogosphere. LunariaN are an Indonesian alt rock band, who proved to have the potential to get even more interest from the music scene all over the world (the review of their EP here). Let’s see what they told us in this quick chat we had together.

In origins you were called RiVeL, and later you changed it into LunariaN. Has this name any particular meaning for you?

Yes. We were looking for a name that represent our music, not from the genre side but from in what shape the music should be when reaching the listeners while delivering it’s message, which is, being different. LunariaN it self means “moon inhabitant”. Not specifically meant to describe us as moon inhabitants, we don’t have antennas (do they ?) but we do feel optimist that the name represent the difference we’re doing in our music.

There were quite a few changes of line up over the past five years. How do you think you’ve grown as a band so far?

We’ve been through quite a lot of things of course, especially Rivelino who happened to be the longest one here. A lot of things we’ve learned as a band whether it’s good or bad and it all put effort in growing the band’s mentality, as in being mature. The several line-up changing has also taught us much, what problems should be handled and how to handle them. The current line-up has already been more than 1.5 year except Anink who joined about 6 months ago and as you can see, we feel good and supportive one to another.

Your influences go from Rammstein and Marilyn Manson to Baroque, Celtic and Classical music among others. How can you combine them to create your own sound?

There’s really no special way for us in combining our influences. When we said we have a big circle of influence, we actually learn and took just a little. Our heart still holds the majority to what the music will be. Then the subconscious part take it’s role, which clearly defines the combination of the music we heard time to time. We never wanted to be alike to another musician in particular, that said, we draw blur boundaries to our music. Which we believe, when people get used to us they will see the blur line in a clear shape.

There are quite abstract poetic lyrics in your EP. Where do you draw these from, life experiences or the reflection of the society?

Until now, Rivelino did all the music, arrangement and lyrics with some help from few people. Until around 2 years ago, he used to write poetries in several books with his hands which he forgot where he put them (laugh). He especially fancy old Melayu poetries from the west side of Indonesia, which are usually abstract. Therefore, we can’t tell from which ones he draws them from, except on the lyrics he took in it’s original shape.

Which would be your favorite song of the EP? Or is may be like picking your favorite children, it’s something you shouldn’t do?

If it’s about the songs included in the EP, we can’t tell which one, because we love them all ! Each song has different meaning and approaches, we just can’t compare them.

What provoked you to sing in English? Is it limiting your creativity, or have you set it as a challenge?

The music itself is the provocator (laugh). Rivelino enjoys singing in English and he is sure that the songs would be better in English. Singing not in your mother language is clearly a challenge, while challenge has always been a good way to reach a better level.

Which aspect of a live performance do you enjoy the most?

First is the freedom aspect ! When doing live performance, we will perform our music quite free. We don’t always perform as exactly the same as what people heard in our record. Shedding ideas in front of computer and above the stage is different. The combination of the music, the message, the emotion and the stage is something we can’t find in any studio, thus, it will resulting same cake with different approach. The second is the feeling being eye-centered by our audience, looking forward to see us playing our songs directly. That, pushes us to do our best, better than when we’re recording.

Which music tickles your fancy? Any band or artist in particular?

Each of us has different favorite type of music. Rivelino is a die-hard fan of Weezer, he fancy classical music, rock riffs, industrial stuff, experimental music and he plays classical guitar. Anink is a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jimi Hendrix, he just can’t escape his pentatonic fingers. Willy loves to play real jazz & fusion notes as well as teaching it in school, Jaco Pastorius big fan we might say. While Ekky wouldn’t go far from 90-s British pop & rock n’ roll, he can sing Suede all night long with a bird’s shit on his head.

You recently signed with Phoenixx Records and ‘Experimental Thinking’ is out on August 14th. Can you say this is a turning point for the band?

We can’t tell it exactly as a turning point, since we’ll still be moving as usual here in Jakarta. As what we always said, as far as the future goes, so does our music. But indeed it changes a few things, things that tackle big role in publicizing who we are. We optimist this will bring better circumstances to the band’s continuance and we will manage to be so. But if it comes to the music, LunariaN will still be LunariaN.

I read you have already recorded 18 songs (6 of which we can find in the EP). Is there any plan about a possible full length?

Of course ! Hopefully it won’t take long. The music creation is always in continuity. We will record new tracks and re-record old tracks when the time and financial condition is prepared. That’s what we do !

Thank you so much guys, wish you all the best with your music. To be updated on regular basis follow them on Twitter and spread the love.



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