SocNet: Dust, Sirs, Ghostchildren


“Six guys from a place you won’t find on google maps”. That’s how Dust introduce themselves. A blues rock band from Milan and nearby, their sound winks at the Doors and the blues from the 60’s. Listen to their album ‘Tuesday Evenings’ via PureVolume.


Ghostchildren is Math Pop/Post-Glam/Dark-Shoegaze/Space Rock and Prog Pop-Rock. The Rome based band released the third album ‘Il Divo’ last december, after some line-up changes and a big improvement, which brought to the creation of a solid fanbase. The only obstacle to their music are Italian lyrics. It can be a challenge to set and learn some foreign languages.


Pretty fascinating noise-rock/pop/punk (?!), SIRS are a three-piece from Chicago, who just released their EP ‘Booh Hoo’, recorded below Chicago’s Humboldt Park. You can taste the EP below via bandcamp.




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