Interview: Dave Garfield from Rhode Island Red

Dave Garfield from Rhode Island Red answered to some of my questions about their music (mostly hard rock, but also something more), live performances, their Ep ‘Kerosene’ (to have an idea about it have a go with this review) and chicken. to know something more about them, their future plans and so on read the interview below.

First of all: congratulations on your EP, ‘Kerosene’. Can you tell us something more about its genesis? 

We wanted to record what we believed to be our favourite and strongest songs and so we chose them after a bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing. We then recorded the songs at Soho Recording Studios in central London last November/December and mixed it there through Jan/Feb this year.

‘Stalemate’ seems a bit post-grungy, whereas ‘Kerosene’ and ‘Beige’ are pure rock tunes. Do you think is it possible to divide bands into specific genres? If yes, in which one would place Rhode Island Rock? 

Yes I think you can put bands that have a direction in specific genres, its difficult to do that if their songs are all different from each other. But bands that are focused and want to make it easy to market their ‘product’ usually have a ‘label’ or ‘pigeon hole’ that they fit into quite easily. I would say we are a hard-rock band.

You’ve been often compared to the Cult, Garbage, Nickelback and Stereophonics among others. How would you you describe your own sound? 

Our sound is pop songs that wear a hard-rock jacket. Tunes you can easily whistle and headbang to.

Where did the chicken come from?

Everybody likes chicken.

How did you guys meet back in 2009?

Lyla contacted me via a band personnel search website and said ‘love your stuff!’ We met in an Ealing pub and took it from there.

How important for you is stage presence versus musical content in a live show, especially in the hard rock genre?

They are both equally very important. That star quality that projects a great song is something you can’t do without if you want to rock and roll to the top.

Do you have any rituals before concerts? If yes, which ones?

Try and stay sober! Nooo, just kidding, we normally warm up on our instruments and then hit the stage ready to kill! A bit like a boxer really.

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with?

Freddy Mercury would have been great but I guess now I would like to meet Dave Grohl.

I read that both you and Lyla have lot of experience behind you in other bands. Was it helpful for you experience with Rhode Island Red?

Definitely. It helps in all your decision making processes like personnel, song choices, song writing, photos, videos, where to play & where not to play, you name it you can make decisions much faster when you have a little bit of back history.

What can we expect from an upcoming album from you guys?

Great songs I hope. Great singing I’m sure and outstanding musicianship to boot. Hopefully it will be greater than the sum of its parts and stand the test of time like all great albums do.

What does the future hold for Rhode Island Red?

More gigs, more records, enjoyment of the ride and delighted fans of course!

Thank you so much Dave, wish you and the Rhode Island Red all the best with your music and keep on rocking.


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