Little Chestnuts – Opal EP

Back again with some new wave. The second wave of new wave (apologies for the pun), which swept us away once again after the eighties. I’ve been reading about the new Ian Curtis, Robert Smith and friends for the last couple of months, and I’m proud to assert that Italy has got its own humble representers. Little Chestnuts is composed by Andrea Arioli, Carlo Canepa,Thomas W. Wilander and Luca Montefiori. This four-piece from Genova, Italy, started to create its own sound from the 80s, blending melancholy, rock and dreaminess. Their EP goes from Joy Division to The Smiths, trying to revamp the sound as some international colleagues did (The Drums, for example).


Starting off with ‘Forever Dreamily’ the melancholy of the paired bass guitar and electric guitar is enhanched by the keyboards, whilst the drums keep up with the pace. Also the vocals are pretty good, the English itself doesn’t disappoint at all and is usually coupled with some echoes. The drums kick some more rhythm in ‘Reflection’, in which all the instruments cooperate creating a more dreamy, but less nostalgic atmosphere, which is increased with the use of synths in ‘Away // Not Today’. The vocals and the echoes, alongside with the waves in the background, create a more relaxed and at the same time spacial atmosphere. The more cheerful and tempting track of the lot is ‘Part of It’, in which the rhythm gets into the right stride securing a place among the ‘second wave’.

‘Opal’ is an EP that proves that Italian musicians are aware of the existence of a solid international indie scene, and sometimes can actually create something inspired by it. I can only wish you a sincere in bocca al lupo.

You can download the EP  via for free.



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