SocNet: Ulan Bator, Eva Calls

Eva Calls 

Evacalls is a project that starts in 2006 in Piemonte, Italy. The evolution of the band is a long and tortuous one, but it eventually leads to the release of an EP in 2010 (‘and after all I’m only sleeping’). After a couple of tracks shared around the net, the band releases the first single, ‘Forgive me lover’, receiving a great response from the net-audience. Now touring and working on the debut album out in 2012, you can have a go with the single on their website.

Ulan Bator  

Ten studio albums and one EP for a band who’s been part of the French Avant Rock for more than two decades. Everything started in 1993, Paris when Amaury Cambuzat (Vox, Guitar and keyboards) and Olivier Manchion (Bass) started playing together. A couple of albums and some changes of line-up, Ulan Bator are now a French/English/Italian band, who released the last album back in 2010. Amaury Cambuzat, alongside with Stéphane Pigneul (bass), Alessio Ciborio Gioffredi (drums) and James Johnston (guitar/organ), created a brand new sound, which blends in Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno and Neu!


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