Amycanbe – The World is Round (EP)

Five songs collect impressions, dreams and a hypnotic atmosphere which gently reach the listener, never grasping – but merely touching them. Amycanbe’s ‘The World is Round’ is an experience which resembles the experimental rock of Bat for Lashes and the folk of Alessi’s Ark, in a brand new Italian side of folk.

Originally composed by Marco and Mattia, they actually started as a four-piece in 2005 when Francesca and Paolo joined. After the release of a self-produced EP ‘Yellow Suit’, Amycanbe started performing – opening for The Devastations, Yuppie Flu, Sophia and Skin. The release of the debut album ‘Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated’ (2007) coincided with an mini-UK tour, in which the album was launched in London.  After one year of performing around Italy, the EP “The World Is Round” came out in May 2011.

‘The World is Round’ starts off with a minute or so of piano, which reminds me of a bell-tower, and shyly introduces us to a more electric track, ‘Rose is a Rose’, in which synths play with the vocals, dreamy and powerful at the same time, entrusting the electric guitar the task of creating more vigour. The songs acquire an elusive character thanks to the repetitiveness of the lyrics, which are trustily followed by piano, drums and effects (‘Blue Mountain’). The series of emotions and the surreal atmosphere become darker with ‘Climbing’, in which the voice drops to a whisper, like a forbidden spell spoken softly. The peak is reached with ‘Everywhere’, the catchiest track of the five. The explosion of the instruments is followed by an explosion of vocals, in which Natasha Khan-style vocals are replaced by something akin to Janis Joplin’s bluesy voice.

‘The World is Round’ is just an appetiser, the new album ‘Mountain Whales’ is going to be released next October on Open Production. The best is yet to come, guys.



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