TotW: Wild Flag, Holiday Shore, Beirut

Slight change for your/our beloved feature, which now includes both video and track of the week, in three tracks&videos worth checking out.

Wild Flag – Romance

There’s a new supergroup in town, a female one. Wild Flag is composed by Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney), Mary Timony (Helium), Janet Weiss (Quasi), Rebecca Cole (The Minders).  Pretty cool, eh? The S/T debut album is released on Oct.,10 through Wichita on October 10. For now you can have a taste of their music with the video of ‘Romance’.

Holiday Shore – Threepeat Got Old

Holiday Shores is a indie rock band from Florida, US.  They released the debut album ‘Columbus’d the Whim’ in 2009, and are releasing through Twosyllable their new album,  ‘New Masses for Squaw Peak’ (Sept., 13). You can watch the video of the single ‘Threepeat Got Old’ below.

Beirut – Santa Fe

Beirut released a new video from their last release, ‘The Rip Tide’ (Pompeii). ‘Santa Fe’ is their new single, a tribute to Zach Condon’s hometown, you can watch via


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