Nitroville – Can’t Stop What’s Comin’

Whatever I am reviewing, whoever I’m listening to, I cannot deny that I consider blues rock the most perfect and complete rock sub-genre. Blues rock blends in emotions and power, leading vocals and strong instrumental parts, creating a concentration of passion, struggle and energy. Nitroville’s debut, ‘Can’t Stop What’s Comin’’ easily gives blues lovers a hint of its high potential. It may be a combination of talent, passion and pretty good influences, but the album works, and flows easily without insurmountable flaws.

Forming in early 2010, the female fronted band showed to enjoy playing music, and doing it pretty well. Tola Lamont (vox), Kurt-Michael Boeck (guitar), Fussi Andersen (bass), and Matt Whittington (drums) blended in Southern (ZZ Top, Steppenwolf) and hard rock (AC/DC, Thin Lizzy), blues (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith), some metal (Black SabbathMötley Crüe) and rock and roll (George Thorogood) – that’s what I am talking about when it comes to good influences and peers. ‘Can’t Stop What’s Comin’’ is also a visual album, as it can be a perfect soundtrack for any old school thriller or a Joe Lansdale book. It has strong vocals, able to stand out from the background (‘Cheating the Hangman’, ‘Twist the Chain’) and powerful instruments: the guitar, which avoiding the pedal creates a pleasantly raw sound (‘Coming on Strong’, ‘Let it Roll’), the drums and the bass blend in and ably play with the voice in tracks like ‘Cuts to the Bone’ and ‘Got What it Takes’. The vocals, which may be the thing that struck me the most, get sexier and languid in some more Aerosmith/ZZ-oriented tracks, like ‘Dust Devil and ‘Bad Blood’.

Nitroville jump from one style to another, creating a tracklist which easily flows until the end, apart from some light shocks (‘Killing Kind’ is the least vigorous track of the lot). However, this is the price every band must pay, when shaping its own sound. From a blues rock lover to all the blues rock lovers out there, this is an album you definitely should get.

4,5 /5


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