NewinTown: Friends in America

It’s time of changes are here, starting with ‘What’s New in Town’. From now on, bands will talk about themselves, letting us know who they are, what’s their sound like and something more about their projects for the future. Carefully selected just for you guys, here there is the band who’s opening the section.

Find them here.

Friends in America / Matthew Rawlings [vocals, guitars]

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

Hi, we’re Friends in America. We’re a band from all around Glasgow and Stirling that realised the key to writing good songs is to not write terrible songs. Throw in a healthy dose of horse blood, tight rhythms and reverb driven guitars and you have the Friends in America sound…which sounds suspiciously like half decent music.

Three words to describe your sound:

Lyrical, pretty explosions

Artists who influenced your music: 

I can only speak for my own influences as lyricist/singer/guitarist but here we go;

Lyrics – My friends and family first and foremost, but I have a great appreciation for the words of Charles Bukowski, Phillip Larkin, Elliott Smith, Tim Casher (Cursive), Paul Simon.

Musically – Far too many to mention. I fawn over music, collecting as many cds and lps as I can get my hands on. I like everything so long as I know its honest.

What are you up to at the moment:

We’re currently recording our debut EP which will be released in early 2012 (if that isn’t an omen for the end of the world then I don’t know what is). We’re also looking to play as far and as wide as possible. We will even play a caravan if someone offers.

Where else we can find you on the Net:

follow our ramblings on Twitter at ‘fiaband’, follow our japes and jabberings on Facebook under Friends in America and don’t bother with MySpace. Nobody gives a shit about that old mare anymore.

Tell us something nobody knows yet, tell us something exclusive:

Here’s an exclusive. We have already written most of our next EP and plan to record it as soon as we get the courage and strength of character to do so.


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