Autumn Updates

Hi there,

When the Music is Over is evolving everyday as you can see, even if I’d like to say that it’s more due to my real life schedule than anything else. I’m trying to catch up with everything (uni/job/thesis/collaborations/myblog), but it’s not as always as it seems. Yep, it’s just me around here, at least for now. One girl, lots of new contacts, reviews scheduled, interviews, new bands I’d like you to know. Just don’t be scared if some sections disappear or change slightly – guys, I’m far less professional than what you think, unfortunately.

Nobody is paying me for this, but I get to listen to plenty of new music, know really kind, funny and talented people and I do what I love, just because I may have some real competence in this (!?!). That’s why I’d like to thank you, first of all, for having nearly 3000 hits – just 300 left, please guys, spread the love! I’d like to thank my boyfriend for his support and help with the language, the motivation and inspiration (Angel from MostlyMetal), the amazing small labels and groups around there who are sharing their stuff and giving me their time, and all of you, Italian, French, English, American or whatever.

I’ll try to give you a new post everyday, no matter if really brief or a long one. This is the most I can do to return the favour.
Siete fantastici ragazzi, grazie mille di tutto.

Take care (and rock on)
Electra / Fab


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