Interview: Kamp David

For all the glam/dance rock lovers, this week I’m pleased to introduce you to Kamp David. I already wrote on them in the review

of their first LP, ‘Red Hotel’ [click], but now the group decided to reveal something more about them; their influences, their performance attitudes and their theory on the dream band to set up.

In Red Hotel we can find glam rock, electro rock, some blues, rock and roll. How would you yourselves describe your music in three words??

Fun,  catchy,  danceable.

I can see David Bowie, B52’s, Alice Cooper, Queen, Roxy Music and Elton John.  How  much of a role did they play?

A big part, it’s the look, the live performance, the guitars and the hooks that we are not ashamed to say we have borrowed ! (A little )

In which musical era would you place your music?

The future. Lightly garnished with the 70s and 80s – sorry to be so broad.

How long have Kamp David been together?

As a writing partnership over 3 years, as a performing act, coming up two years.

Can you name some of the bands you grew up with? How much did they influence your music?

All of the above but we’ve got Duran in there, Mötley Crüe , Janet Jackson and George Michael, plus a lot of musical and theatrical numbers. We have a lot of diverse influences! The band members come from Australia, Poland, Pacific Islands and the UK so we have picked up a lot of stuff on the way.

Which are your musical guilty pleasures?

We have none. Yet! Ask our label Zube. They might be able to tell you.

PS Paul from Zube Records says here  “Slade, Josie and the Pussy cats, West Side Story, Cabaret, the Bay City Rollers and Donna Summer”

If you could create our dream band, what would be the line-up and why?

We don’t think that could exist. It’s like… if you had all the best football players in one team, they probably wouldn’t play that well together!

My choice (Greg / Guitar) would be Patti Smith (vox), Brian Jones (guitar), John Taylor (bass), John Bonham (drums) and Liberace (keys). See, I told you it wouldn’t work.

You’re going to do some dates around the UK next September; which aspect of a live performance do you enjoy the most?

That 40 mins on stage are just doing it.The rest of what goes with gigging is a drag but has to be done, so when we get up there, we enjoy performing the songs we have written – then having a beer afterwards. It goes real quick, and what I said about 40 mins is an exaggeration. Its more like, 30 mins with promoters these days, which I feel is a real cheat on the people who put their hand in the pocket.

Talking about touring, who would like to tour with in the future?

Anybody who’ll have us! In the last 2 years we’ve been thrown off 2 decent support slots by the headlines management, don’t ask me why. Maybe be they think we’re too good or caners but we’re quite wholesome. More Danny Kaye than Dean Martin.

Any other bands/artists you would recommend checking out?

Yeah Pink Cigar from London. We are playing with them at Heroes, Camden Town Weds 14 Sept. They’ve got all the good ingredients about hard-edged rock. You are welcome to come down and check it out . See you!

Thank you very much guys, I wish you all the best with the gigs and your career.


2 thoughts on “Interview: Kamp David

  1. Hey Electra Morrison–
    Wow, what a breath of fresh air! You mean, there is actually someone out there
    investigating and writing about new Glam Rock or glitter rock artists?! Fantastic!
    Please tell us where we can listen to either Kamp David or Pink Cigar..have
    they recorded or are they still just playing the club scene?
    Also, I have a blog devoted to Glamour Rock, and thus far have written
    about David Bowie, The Sweet, Slade, and New York Dolls.
    The link is at
    Secondly, I am soon to be in radio in the US, and want to do a radio
    show on new Glam Rock acts. Haven’t landed it yet though!

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