Lava Lava Love – A Bunch of Love Songs and Zombies

Most of the time, I agree with the prejudice linked to 90s pop-rock. There’s a reason why it ended up coinciding with the decade; both were a bit too saccharine, repetitive and enthusiastic. However, for once, I have had to reevaluate this explosion of cheerful and light rock. Lava Lava Love flirt with pop, but give their own shake to it, and create a pretty good sophomore, after their début with the EP ‘Their First Extended Play’. They blend in some lo-fi indie rock, tweet-pop and a bit of experimentation, which actually takes its own shape in this EP, ‘A Bunch of Love Songs and Zombies’.

Lava Lava Love hails in 2010, when Vittorio Pozzato (Fake P, House of All and Canadians) and Massimo Fiorio (Canadians) met up with producer Matteo Cantaluppi and recorded three songs, among which there was ‘In the Aeroplane over the Sea’, a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel. It was then time for Florencia Di Stefano and Oliviero Farneti to join the band. Lava Lava Love completed its line-up with Luca Valentini on drums, and some live performances around their native Italy.

‘A Bunch of Love Songs and Zombies’ is a bunch of carefree tunes, good lines and a frequent alternation of male/female vocals, reminiscent of some less intimate Belle and Sebastian. There are some noisier tracks (‘Another Happy song’, ‘The Grey Lines’, ‘Your Lite’), which also easily include some electronic bits (‘Last Night’, ‘Dry Tongue Lies’). Sometimes the pop atmosphere wins over the rock one (‘Sparkling Wine’, ‘Kenosis’), especially when exploring the female vocals, melodic and cheerful at the same time. The songs easily get influenced by country (‘Nothing Special’) and folk (‘Morning Dew’), mostly when the vocals have an overlap, like in ‘Tomorrow Will Be the Worst Day’.

All in all, the tracks flows pretty easily, convey this general feeling of happiness and carefreeness. This is music done by people who’re having lot of fun playing it, and they want you to feel that – we can do nothing, but spread it.


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