Two Bit Dezperados: S/T

Two Bit Dezperados blend in Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian influences in an explosion of rock’n’roll, noisy post punk and schizophrenic folk/country rock.

They started as a duo, composed by Tommaso and Angela, and became a quartet teaming up with Nicola (drums) and Claudio (guitar). Two Bits Dezperados defines itself as a mix of tropicalism and punk, but the bluesy folk influence is pretty strong as well (‘I Won’t stay’, ‘Find Morning in your Eyes’). There’s also a folk-rock echo, which resembles Dylan’s ‘Highway 61 Rev.’ – neither folk, nor rock, just distorted guitars and relentless drums (‘Anne it’s gonna rain’). The old school rock’n’roll of ‘Get Lost’ is later replaced by post punk tunes and catchy surf rock vibes. Apart from the Italian/Portuguese language, songs like ‘Eu prefiro’ and ‘Ballare e suonare con te’ add some frenetic guitar and beating drums to the mix. The male/female vocals add an interesting feature in the punkish ‘Icarus’, while the mix of country and rock in ‘Alive/Dead’ resembles the later Social Distortion. Pleasantly predictable is the closure ‘Lucifer matches’, a quite nice ballad and a pretty good farewell for this multicolored self titled album.

Going from the rock’n’roll classics to the female fronted post punk of Las Kellies, Two Bit Dezperados take the best of both worlds to create eleven tracks which flow without any jolt, merging a couple of decades without any problem.


3,5 / 5


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