WtMiO wants YOU

Okay, this may sound a bit ambiguous, or it may not *perverted mind*.

The point of this post is asking you to collaborate with me to get When the Music is Over to another level. I want you to collaborate with me, be able to provide your own content, and get to hear some pretty cool stuff around the net and so on. I basically want to exploit this quite satisfying success and be able to give you as much content as possible, but I cannot do this all by myself. I would like this to become a blog, in which we can share the love for music writing about it, and promoting people who really have the talent and motivation to do that.

Pretty sure it’s going to be quite an hard work, I’m not giving up on this, so I’m going to be persistent, so I’ll repeat myself a lot I reckon. For now, just get in touch with me at contact.wtmio@gmail.com

Let’s make this blog a bit more interactive, shall we? Collaborators, this blog wants you!


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