Adults, The Elderly and Children – Night School (EP)

Who said that indie pop has to be massively lo-fi, artificial (yay for synths) and pyrotechnical? A bunch of instruments, a melodic voice and lots of choirs are able to be condensed in four songs, creating a quite cheerful and sunny EP. This is Adults, the Elderly and Children’s ‘Night School’, a taster for the mini album, released less than a month ago. As is the case with most bands, the first tracks gives the listener an idea of which are the main features of a band, which may change in the sophomore. Pleasantly enough, the fresh sound of ‘Night School’ won’t seem to vanish in the next EP ‘Films’.

These four songs are mainly focusing on voice and the guitar and drum couple, which sometimes get along and sometimes don’t, with incongruous instrumental parts a bit noisier but always on the same length of the whole EP. If in ‘Vogel’ the sound is plain and quite chilled, a bit dreamy due to the alternation of choirs and high pitch in voice, in ‘Hochzeit for a Wedding’ there is a more experimental approach, especially with an orgy of instruments that tries to battle each other – even if the drums seem to win. This is like the first Battles mixed with the later Drums, just a bit happier and catchy in ‘Ball Pit Party’, which gets back to the plain sound, a bit more focused on the guitar maybe, but still it gets safe and sound till the end.The closure ‘June’ is even sunnier, probably due to the title as well, with a quite strong interrelation between the instruments, with a faster vibe and a bit of surf pop in the guitar and lots of voices in the end.

‘Night School’ was a quite interesting music manifesto, which may not have several irons in the fire, but it still able to use all the sources it has in order to create a catchy, sunny and vibrant sound. A good reason to have a go with the next one, isn’t it?



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