Interview: Adults, the Elderly and Children

I’d like to apologise for my absence, but I had a couple of pretty though days, and I’m also preparing a couple of tasty new entries and updates for you guys. In the meanwhile, here there is an indie pop band worth listening to, and also a really nice bunch of people. To get something more about their music, you can read the review of their EP ‘Night School’ here, whilst here there is a long, but worth reading, interview. Enjoy.

First of all: congratulations on your EP, ‘Films’. I read about the idea of linking each track to a film or television show, I’m really interested in winning the prize. Could you tell us something more about its genesis? Could you also give us a hint at least for one of the tracks?

The EP just started as a project we did for university. Jon had to do an EP as his final project and asked if we wanted to help him write some songs. When we did that EP I think we were really just winging it. We didn’t really know what we wanted it to sound like or what “type” of band we wanted to be. We just sort of started jamming and those were the songs that came out.
As far as making each of the songs about a film, I think we did that to make things a little easier on ourselves. We had a couple of months to write and record all the songs so we found just taking inspiration from a piece of art that already existed a bit more straightforward and it helped give us some direction. The films helped give us topics to flesh out and write something we could relate to or inject a bit of ourselves into. It was just really fun, sitting down and watching a movie and trying to sum up its themes or ideas in a three minute song. Some people might call it cheating but I would call those people ass holes.

If you go through and google some of the lyrics that should help you find what the movies are, as we lifted a lot of lines directly from the movies. The only hint I can give you is that ‘Do Work, Son’ is actually about a TV show, which had Seth Rogen and James Franco in it. Also, the title of the song is the catch phrase of Big Black from Rob & Big.

Where did the name Adults, the Elderly and Children come from?

The back of a ‘Vocal Zone’ throat lozenge packet and it is the bane of our existence. It seems to be really hard for people to remember.

How would you describe your own sound using one colour, and why would you choose that one?

Lilac, because it is a little bit of an odd colour but still totally pleasing to the eye.

Getting back to your music, do you think you’ve changed musically from ‘Films’ to ‘Night School’?

Changed or progressed in some way – hopefully! We learned what we liked about the songs on the first Ep and what we didn’t so much enjoy. We had a lot more time, with no actual release date set in stone  and so we were able to examine the new songs in a more musical way, taking more time with dynamic range and structuring. We realised that we essentially wanted to be an interesting pop band, a band that you could sing along to but couldn’t always predict what was coming next. I think that is something any band should always be trying to do from one release to the next – progress your sound, try out new things. You have to keep it fresh and interesting, for yourselves as much as anything, but I think that’s something a lot of the bands that we like have done.
Can you tell us something more about the project of a mini album due to be released later this year?

We have written a batch of songs which we were originally thinking of releasing, at some point, as a mini-album-type-thing. The more we sit on them and listen to them, the more we pick them apart and write new bits and start to dislike old bits. It’s all part and parcel of the song writer’s process. Eventually we’ll settle on a set of tracks that we really like and that will be put together as the next release – whether it’s an album or a mini-album or another EP is yet to be seen. We’re hoping to start recording soon but this year is probably a bit ambitious as a release date. Either way, we hope it’s soon because recording is a lot of fun!

In your opinion, which are the pro and cons of being completely independent? Which is the aspect of the self-production you enjoy the most?

Being completely independent gives us complete control over everything. As many of our peers and other bands know, this can be a blessing and a curse, but it’s really what you make of it. As an independent band you have no one to blame but yourselves and this can be hard when you’re recording or on the road.  We can spend as much time as we want recording things, perfecting and tweaking, and there is no one breathing down our backs to get things done. Sometimes you think it would be nice to have a bit of pressure there to get things done – we can get lazy at times! – and an objective view of your music is always really helpful. If we were offered the opportunity to record properly in a professional studio with all the bells and whistles, I’m sure we would jump on that opportunity. I don’t think it’s necessarily worth celebrating being independent or being signed or with an agent or whatever – it’s about what is right for you at the time. You want to get the most out of any experience and it’s just about finding the best way to do that.

For us the best part about self production is the time you can spend just experimenting with different tones and textures. You can spend a whole day finding a nice organ part to complement a section, or just chuck new harmonies or gang vocals in at the last minute. Constantly being able to add little details is really fun. With the new EP we did everything but the drums at our house, and I think we were pretty aware of the fact that we were pissing our neighbours off, so we didn’t want to over do it on the noise level. This does mean that recording at home allows for some fun and interesting experimentation when it comes to microphone placement and sound isolation, and we definitely get off on that kind of stuff.

Can you name some of the bands you grew up with? How much did they influence your music?

We like all types of music, as long as it’s grooving or has a great melody or great musicianship or any combination of the above. I think we all grew up on pop music and the music our parents listened to. We could probably list bands and artists that we like and that have influenced us all day. I know Nick has a deep passion for Take That and Jon wanted to be in Hanson. I think that straight-up pop vibe definitely bleeds into our music. Nowadays we are obviously influenced by a lot of the bands in the “math-rock” genre, but I don’t think we ever want to be a band that plays in 7 or 9 for the sake of it – we just want to write good songs.

You’ve played alongside Mouse On The Keys, Freeze The Atlantic, Scholars, Pharaohs, Hold Your Horse Is and Tangled Hair among others. How important are live performances in the current music scene, especially for indie breakthrough acts?

Live shows are vital. They say it’s the backbone of the industry now that record sales have gone to pot because of downloads and the evil internet. As huge fans of music, especially live music, you understand that there is a very particular awesomeness about seeing a band live and you want to be able to give that experience to other people. It’s also a great way to build a fan base and make some money selling your merch and what not. The best thing about playing live has to be playing along side all the great bands that are out there at the moment. You can’t beat the camaraderie of playing an awesome show or going on tour with a fellow band.

What does the future look like for Adults, the Elderly and Children?

We want to keep getting better and writing better songs. I don’t think we ever want to feel hemmed in by a genre, we just want to make songs that we would be excited to hear. So, hopefully the future will hold a lot more experimentation, writing, recording and a lot more shows with bands we love.

Thanks very much for taking the time to write these questions and for being at all interested in our band.

Thank you so much guys for your time, and good luck with your music. Also, if you want to get some of their music, follow the link to their bandcamp.


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