Lumen: EP 2011

Straight from the 80s, some electro rock 2.0 made in Italy. Getting over the hump of the language, Lumen release a pleasant quartet of tracks, blending in some electronic beats and instruments, creating a plain and simple addictive sound.

Lumen are an Italian trio from Turin, who have been playing quite a lot in the area, starting to create a solid fanbase on the Net. The band is still working on getting a label to create a more solid project, but they’re out now with their first EP, you can download for free at the bandcamp. Listening to EP 2011 may be a bit weird if you’re not used to Italian lyrics, but this is easily overcome by how the vocals can perfectly incapsulate in the electro sound, creating some catchy, fresh and cheerful songs. Nothing spectacularly new, but a pretty good mix of all the best you can take from the 80s and the new wave of electro-influenced music.

‘Lucillius’ introduces us to some rock influenced sound, going from some pure interaction between drum machine and instruments to a quite noisy end, unexpected and quite enjoyable. We are dropped on the dancefloor with ‘Mondo Cieco’(a shame for the ones who cannot get the vocals). Guitars start off, followed by synth and electronic tunes, alternating synth a dreamier atmosphere, fading slowly. A perfect song for the ones affected by 80s nostalgia is ‘La Città’, cheerful and dreamy, synth and electronic, with some modern incursions, which resemble some ambient dub experience. The EP ends with an instrumental track, ‘Ekkert’, which is a melancholic farewell creating delicate atmosphere, shaping the addictive sound I was referring to before.

As I said, nothing new, but something so perfectly blended to be captivating. Can’t wait till the full length.



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