Still Corners – Creatures of an Hour

Still Corners are what we’d define as the brand new success by Sub Pop, with their dark and gloomy dream pop, blending in dark-wave and space pop. Like Memory House, Thus: Owl or Bat for Lashes, they use music to convey emotions, attracting the lovers of such a genre as dream pop. Tessa Murray’s voice leads us to what the songwriter Greg Hughes created – using his cinematic influence and undeniable talent. The debut of this London-based band is ‘Creatures of an Hour’ – thirty minutes of pure oblivion, going from thriller to sci-fi, to use cinematic terminology.

We start with darker atmospheres, such as the gothic pop, which resemble Zola Jesus’ one, in the lead single ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Endless Summer’. Voices, echoes and synth are able to create gloomy atmospheres, in some pretty good soundtrack-like tracks like ‘I Wrote in Blood’ or the Twin Peaks reminder ‘The Twilight Hour’. Echoes can also convey an hypnotic feeling, as in ‘Circulars’ and ‘Velveteen’, leading the listener to a dark summer night dream, in which drums, guitars and keyboard get along with the whispered voice. More relaxed and peaceful are ‘Into the Trees’ and ‘The White Season’, in which we get some delicate tunes to take a breath after the dense atmosphere, which these tracks created.

Murky atmospheres, fragments of mystery and hypnotic dreams are what you can expect from these ten tracks, crafted to lead you into the darkest dreams you’ll ever imagine. Because, as Tessa Murrays whispered ‘Stuck in a time machine/ That was just a dream/ Just fall down.’



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