Singles Review: Mayans, A Genuine Freakshow, City Reign

A Genuine Freakshow – Our Bodies

Dreamy atmospheres are in the air. This new trend of detaching ourselves from reality, to surround ourselves by clouds and dreams is common in the indie pop scene. A Genuine Freakshow add something to the well-known baroque pop recipe, blending in trumpets, cello, bass, vocals, echoes and synth in the single ‘Our Bodies’, one of the 4 sample tracks you can download for free. This Reading-based 7-piece was born in 2008, and since then has created a quite strong fan base. With the release of the double single ‘Our Bodies / New Houses’ last September the band is starting to give us an appetizer for something more. The best is yet to come.

Mayans – Fitzpatrick

Mayans are a bunch or friends, who like to have fun. And on the plus side, they transmit it quite well through their music. The noisy indie bits alternate with some more Battles-influenced tunes, making the word ‘noise’ an imperative of the single ‘Fitzpatrick’. They like playing with sound, as their 5-minute-track easily proves us. Scattered guitar, marching drums and echoes dissolving in silence, almost contrasting with the Male Bonding atmosphere they created, going for a lo-fi music approach. Needless to say, this four-piece from Bristol has lot of potential, we just need to be patient enough until their next move.

City Reign – Making Plans

Even if I’ve been lucky this time, and I personally liked all the tracks, ‘Making Plans’ is definitely my favourite of the lot. Apart from the clear production, which enhanced the vocals, everything from the distorted guitar to the backing vocals were surprising in their simplicity. A plain, strong, direct alt rock (which also reminded me of Placebo, right from the beginning). I know, this celebration of simplicity may sound weird, but the lack of distortions, massive electronic effects and orgy of instruments actually highlights the strong points of the song. Good lines, fascinating voice, catchy rhythm. Stay tuned, the EP ‘Numbers For Street Names’ is out on Nov. 21st.


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