Cats and Cats and Cats – Motherwhale

Cats and cats and cats


(Function Records)

3.5 / 5


After listening to ‘Motherwhale’, I found my own analogy for these 13 tracks. Listening to Cats and Cats and Cats new album is a journey through something between a carousel, a fun-fair and a circus, whose story is told through echoes, voices, and lots of instruments. ‘Motherwhale’ uses the same formula we’ve known since the EP ‘Victorialand’. Sing-songs, a cappella intermissions, post rock, baroque and indie pop just blended with a playful and surreal atmosphere.

Cats and Cats and Cats hail from the UK, more specifically the University of Hertfordshire, where in 2005 Ben (Vocals, Guitar),Tom (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Doug (Drums) released their debut EP. They revamped the lineup in 2006 with the introduction of Adam (Guitar) and Eve (Violin) and then started playing gigs in the indie scene, whilst releasing a fair amount of mini-albums, EPs and the debut album ‘If I’d had an atlas’ (on July 2010) via Function Records. After being celebrated all over the Net, the band waited a year to publish the sophomore, ‘Motherwhale’, on July 2011.

‘Motherwhale’ is an 13-track-full length, composed of fragments of songs and impressions, alternating a cappella interludes ‘A Song for my Mother, the Whale’ and chaotic tracks such as ‘Celebration’, in which gospel is mixed with some ska-like trumpet and baroque pop. The distorted guitar of ‘Return to Danger Castle’ is completely different from the folkish ‘Olympus Mons’ and ‘For the Love of Mechanical Bears’, or the more drums-based ‘O’ Science’. There are also some popular and proper folkloristic influences in songs like ‘the Projectionist’, which completely detach from the experimental breaks of the surfish ‘Zoomercroom’. The whole evolution of (my) concept album is clearly exemplified from the beginning: in ‘Speckled Eggs for Speckled Lovers’ we have the first fragmented and experimental track, which welcomes us to this weird and colorful circus/fun-fair. The post-rock end of ‘Come Home’ is a farewell the band is saying to us, ending in its own eccentric way (be patient and listen to the whole 11-minute-track).

All in all, this is an album you can either love or detest, but on my part, I’d strongly recommend you to have a go and visit this strange world Cats and Cats and Cats created for us.


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