NewinTown: Saint in a Row

I wanted to spend a couple of words on them, but they followed my instructions so well that they provided a really long intro, so no excuses. Their music is “real”, something with may seem obvious, but it’s been a while since you could listen to some ‘real’ bands. I hardly recommend you this talented Italian band. Go ahead to get to know them.

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

Saint in a row formed in April 2009, when I decided to give shape to a handful of songs I wrote and pre-produced. I thought It would have been a good idea to ask some friends and good musicians to be part of this experiment.

I asked Stefano Moretti ( from Pink Holy Days/  the guy I work with in my recording studio) to work on the sound, letting him free to try some extreme and risky recording techniques. Then I called Giovanni Ferrario ( talented producer, musician, PJ Harvey guitarist/bass player) ‘cause he’s the man when you’re trying to run away from the same old mistakes and you need to keep coherence during the whole production process. He also played bass and electric guitar.

Fabio Dondelli ( from Annie Hall) played a lot of acoustic instruments as guitars, banjo, ukulele, harmonium and did all backing vocals.

The engine of this machine is Michele Marelli, a very good guy I started to appreciate during some studio sessions with his band Ovlov. I was looking for a solid drumming but also for some elegant , swinging approach and he was better than an assurance for me.

We wanted the record to sound human and true that’s why  we recorded every song playing together, often in the same room.

Three words to describe your sound:

Warm – detailed – real

Artists who influenced your music: 

During the recording sessions we listened a lot to the latest Flaming Lips album, we were very interested in their weird use of sonic levels; Saint in a row sounds very different from that record but it was a good inspiration at that time. Each one of us has a different background, we all love sixties, psychedelia, beat and folk but there are so many personal influences we all bring to the project.

What are you up to at the moment:

Last summer we’ve been very busy, we’ve been touring a lot around Italy with our main projects. Now  we’re gonna  write a couple of songs and put up a new show. We hope we’ll have room for Saint in a Row here and there.

Where else we can find you on the Net:

We’re on facebook:

Here you can listen to the whole album on the italian “Rolling Stone”website:

Tell us something nobody knows yet, tell us something exclusive:

“.. instead of following / I do the opposite / And they seem to agree..”


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