Singles Review: Sunny Estate EP, The Black Stars

Today I’m going to introduce to you an EP and a single from two completely different scenes. On one side, there is a surfish indie rock band, on the other a sleaze rock five-piece, full of fast guitars and scratchy vocals.

Sunny Estate – Young Hollywood EP

Let’s start off with Sunny Estate, a South London-based duo who released their first EP for free via bandcamp, entitled ‘Young Hollywood’. The title track is simply a catchy indie pop song, lead by rhythmic drums and a guitar echo, which reminds me of the sunniest Drums. Catchy and relaxed at the same time, relying on a delicate and voice and echoed instruments. Things get more distorted and spicy with ‘Movements’, in which not only the voice, but also the interrelation among the instruments remind me of the early Panic! at the Disco, relying on the couple of guitar and bass and blending in some noisy layer (Yuck, Die! Die! Die!). This is a quite interesting debut for sure, a bit less obvious than all the copy/paste indie which we can find on the Net at the moment, but still simple and clean.

The Black Stars - Read My Lips

The Black Stars are basically drawing on the hard rock of the 80s, a bit weakened with some glam rock (and enriched with a brass section). This five-piece, which came together in early summer 2011, was assembled by a veteran of the rock scene, Steve Vincent (Lead vocals, Harmonica). The band is affected by the Scandinavian influence – that’s the place where all the famous new wave of sleaze comes from (Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet). What this band does is actually taking the basic formula from the genre and adding some old classic tunes and guitars. If the sleaze is basically more metal-oriented, in ‘Read my lips’ we can hear all the AC/DC influence and the Motley vibe, just slightly rearranged by Steve and the others. The voice itself, dirty and scratched, is the perfect glue for distorted guitar, heavy bass riffs and back vocals. The Black Stars wanted to prove us that are not outdone, and can easily produce some good sleaze. Look out Scandinavian bands up there.


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