Femme Fatale – Fading Nights Sounds

Femme Fatale

Fading nights Sounds




This is the story of an Italian four-piece into indie rock and pop. Femme Fatale draws from Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps, Oasis, Interpol and mixes a quite peculiar Brit Rock with the punk rock tunes, which (whether we admit it or not) were part of our adolescence. Nothing more, nothing less. Femme Fatale plays safe, creating an EP that doesn’t actually stick in the listeners’ mind and easily evaporates in the air. The story of these Italian friends is quite long, and started in 2007, when Mick (Voice & Bass) Rox (Guitar & Voice) Dave (Guitar & Keyboard) and Nick (Drums) created Femme Fatale, and slowly introduced themselves in the local scene. After the release of the single ‘You’re the One’, the band recorded its first EP, the self-released ‘Fading Nights Sounds’, which we are talking about today.

Some noisy punk rock that occasionally becomes more grungy, turns into brit rock and comes back to the punk rock of the 90s, in a fast roller-coaster of 6 tracks. The EP contains the already mentioned energetic and immediate atmosphere of the punk rock era, which has the side effect of easily losing its attraction on the listener (‘Going Nowhere Fast’, ‘You are the One’). The drums marching in the background, distorted guitars recall Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup. The self-asserted influences are permeating songs like the dirtier ‘Hidden Stories’ and ‘I am surely gonna miss you’ – some more mature songs, which recreate the common pattern of the noisier brit rock and pop. The closure of ‘Shed the colours’ isn’t bad; even if the sound is still rooted in the 90s, we can get some more Arctic’s atmosphere in the track.

The songs themselves do not stand out, but they are not completely irrelevant either. Femme Fatale actually shows some good attempts in its songs, especially when rearranging their influences, but still need to find their own sound without relying too much on what has been done before.



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