New in Town: Killington Fall

New in town is back! Today is the time for a bunch of University students based in London. Killington Fall is composed by Cameron Stewart (Guitar, Vocals, Keys), James Simpson (Drums, Vocals) Max Templer (Guitar) and Patrick Jordan (Bass). The sound is a mixture of post rock a la Explosions in the Sky and some Deftones resemblance, with a pinch of math rock as well. Max Templer took some time to introduce Killington Fall to the readers, as you can read below.

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

We’re a four-piece mostly instrumental rock band, we’re probably somewhere between Math and Post-Rock, but we’ve not decided which yet!

Three words to describe your sound:

Heavy, sometimes twinkly.

Artists who influenced your music:

We’re all into really different music, but I think the areas we cross over are things like 65daysofstatic, Bon Iver, Brand New and American Football. I’m not sure how obvious some of those influences are in our music though!

What are you up to at the moment:

At the moment we’re all at different Universities, which makes practising and gigging in term time a lot harder. However, having said that we are going to embark on tour in December and hopefully start writing some new material over the holidays, so we’re definitely not inactive!

Where else we can find you on the Net:

We’ve got a few things! Our Facebook ( and Bandcamp ( are probably the best places to start, our Twitter (!/killingtonfall) and tumblr ( accounts are mainly just for fun/a bit more direct communication!

Tell us something nobody knows yet, tell us something exclusive:

Something nobody knows yet? Well we’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline, including a new single for sometime next year and possibly an R Kelly cover, although we’ve not cleared that with Jambo and Paddy yet…


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