Killington Fall: Keep Your Eyes To The Sea EP

Killington Fall

Keep Your Eyes To The Sea



So, all in all, 2011 has been the Golden Age of post-rock. I am not just referring to the big names coming back, like Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, but also plenty of other bands all over the world released EPs, CDs, compilations. Therefore, it is not that easy to stand out in such a big crowd, but somebody seems to have found a good amount of originality and choice in picking up influences, to get at least a few lines. Killington Fall’s EP ‘Keep your Eyes to the Sea’ is not something we cannot just put it aside, as some nice background music. This band wants us to listen to them, and add to its post-rock some dust and noise. 

Following on from the mini-album ‘At The Soundless Dawn’, the EP entitled ‘Keep Your Eyes To The Sea’ is a good business card for this London quartet. These four tracks, recorded in a 12th Century abbey in Northern France, are based on the alternation of harder sound and cleaner tunes, in order to create some uneasiness in the listener, evolving from some hipnotic pattern to distorted guitars, high notes and heavy drums (“Ghost Rockets”). The same appears to be in “Two Surrendered Flags”, in which distortions, guitars and drums arguing for which will be on foreground in a Porcupine Tree-esque atmosphere, creating a really outstanding evolution. “Stable waves” wants to be a quieter break, more focused on noises in the background, drums and echoes, just in other to create more expectation for the gran finale with “Eventide, the Dark”. A roller-coaster of, angry, noisy and distorted guitar (Shipping News, Explosions in the Sky) and some heavy drums and a deserted landscape recreated by some guitar and faded drums, in a schizophrenic 7-minute track.

Treat yourselves, get this EP and enjoy a last nibble of post-rock for this 2011 coming to an end.


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