Searching for… Post-Rock

Hey people, here there is a brand new feature! No more bands introducing themselves (no worries, New in Town is still on!), now I am going to introduce something I found surfing the Net, but this time I am going to start from the genre and give you a couple of names, releases, influences and similar artists. Just because this is going to be a post-rock week, I decided to inaugurate it with Searching for…Post-Rock!

El Dog

Cinematic acoustic alt rock alternating with some post-rock. El Dog is four-piece from Glasgow, Scotland, who I’d describe as an alternative ambient rock band. Formed in 2003 at Glasgow’s Nice & Sleazy open mic night, Bob Rafferty (Vocals) Alan Peacock (guitars), Jim Mango (bass) and Calum Scott (Drums, percussion, keys and programming) are a really interesting act in the underground scene. After the EP ‘Orion’, the band released its debut ‘The Lamp of Terrahead’, in which it shows already a typical melancholic bases, with key and guitar/bass, like in ‘Ha Ha! Nae Joy!’. The lyrics are poetic and really expressive, that’s the reason why we can forgive El Dog for adding them is some of the tracks.

I’m turning into you / I’ve changed my design / I’ve killed myself for you / A thousand times / A thousand times” (Ha Ha! Nae Joy!). The sophomore, ‘Hey Werewolveswas released the10th November 2011. It starts off with some cinematic post/ambient tracks, with melancholic tunes like Maybeshewill or Lunatic (‘Sundog’, ‘Hey Werewolf’). The tracks themselves are short and sometimes remind me of some random alternative rock (‘Dancing’). Have a go with the delicate lullaby ‘Store Front Music’), whose lyrics you can read below:

We’ll subdue the violence / Of the full moon nightlife / With a gentle gesture / Of store front music

Now the only thing left to do is to buy the album via the band’s bandcamp.


Another good space post-rock band is the Brooklyn-based Spaces. This unconventional duo composed by Duke Ahrens and Franco Colon, for the second album ‘Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void‘ built a recording studio in a decommissioned ferryboat. Not bad, uh? The post-rock atmospheres comes from drew a music created to reflects the beauty and wonders of the Universe. After the sophomore album, Nathan Lyons (guitar), Ian Dudley (bass), Jason Choi and Jake Beal (synth) joined the band to play live. These orchestral pieces released in June follow the debut ‘Voyage’, some baroque, but distorted music, a bit Long Distance Calling – esque. ‘NEBAATV’ instead is bit more noisy, with sample vocals in ‘Edge of forever’ (Porcupine Tree,Maybeshewill). The track adds some heavier tunes, which completely differ from ‘The crown of the sun’. A bit more relaxed, based mostly on guitars, the song is more spatial and celestial, creating a completely different atmosphere. Spaces played their first show on September 21st and has begun writing new material, so keep abreast of its music and get it from bandcamp.


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