The Pheromoans – Bar Rock EP

The Pheromoans

Bar Rock EP

(Monofonus Press)



We can say The Pheromoans are everything that is unusual and unconventional in music. Their sound is going to be appreciated mostly by avant-garde elitist listeners, mostly because the lack of cohesion and correlation between instruments is something can be enjoyed just for a certain amount of time. The DIY approach is here commemorated in a mini album called ‘Bar Rock’ (300 12” vinyl available for the hardcore collectors).

This UK band has claimed to be ‘kind of anti-studio’, and therefore they found their own sound in a quite unconventional way, which may be liked or not, but is a full celebration of eclecticism. After the debut ‘It Still Rankles’, The Pheromoans published this 7-song EP (via Monofuss Press), whilst the sophomore is due out soon on Clan Destine Records. The choice of avoiding the so-called ‘studio sound’, of course brings inevitably to a more ‘lo-fi sound’.

This is what the opener ‘Let’s Meet Our Captains’ conveys, a blend of different styles, electro and drums, screeching spoken word and some synth from the 80s, a guitar that seems to go by its own in a fragments atmosphere. The same feeling is transmitted in the follower ‘Men in Black Satin’, in which the lo-fi pop Vaccines and Yuck-like is driven by some sung lyrics, reinforcing slightly the cohesion. Quite different is ‘Mountain Pass’, in which the more cinematic approach, with some chaotic background and a good cooperation between instruments and voice, recreating the atmosphere of a cop movie from the 70’s. Some more bluesy/rockabilly tunes can be found in the good ‘The Only Way is Up’. If ‘Finsbury Sound’ brings back the fragmented pattern without actually getting the right twist, in ‘Auto Free Top’ the band proves the listener that from schizophrenic lo-fi pop (a bit surfish as well) something really good and enjoyable can come out.

All in all, this EP is a quite good presentation on an unconventional sound, which you need to analyse a lot to start appreciating it and its DIY message, or maybe just let the chaos go and stick in your head. Unluckily enough, this hopping from a completely noisy-puzzle tunes to some more linear ones, really makes people ask how much is the lo-fi noise intentional. There is nothing truer than the old adage, avant-garde was always underestimated by its contemporaries.


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