Interview with Let’s Talk Daggers

Let’s Talk Daggers is an hardcore/punk/alternative trio from the UK is still at its early beginning, with an EP out (which you can find here), but a quite good amount of live performances nationwide and also individual music experience before forming Let’s Talk Daggers. With a new EP out on Dec. 25th (!!), the band took some time to answer questions about lyrics, past experience, hardcore and emo genres and news about the future. 

I read about the anecdote about the ‘key role’ of primary school education on Steven’s music approach and his drums skills, are there any other key experiences or moments that you remember, maybe from the early beginning of your career?

Neither of us really had much of a musical background with regards to relatives or close friends at a young age. Music only really became a part of all of us by chance.

I know you had some experience before meeting up and starting playing together, including ‘messing around’ with other bands. Can we say that ‘Let’s Talk Daggers’ changed a bit your way of being a band? 

Let’s Talk Daggers pushed our musical ability to it’s limit. The band also brought us closer together as friends. Playing together is like a separate family in a second home.

Can you say that somehow your sound changed / improved from the debut EP to ‘Blankets’?

The self-titled EP was kind of a rush to get something out there whereas with ‘Blankets’, we had a lot more time to write and record which meant that we could express ourselves further.

From your lyrics I got that you are not just interested in serious issues, but you introduce some more light-hearted topics. How much is humor important in your approach towards music?

It’s not so much that humour is a part of our music. I think we struggle when it comes to writing lyrics on a serious topic because we all joke around a lot and try not to take things in life too seriously. We hardly ever write lyrics before writing the music.

Can you tell us something more about Tangled Tour? How was it playing alongside so many bands from the label? Were you looking forward to any of the other bands performing?

To be honest, we hadn’t really heard any of the other bands properly before the tour. They were all incredible though. Bastions performed flawlessly every night and we hope to play together again at some point.

If you had to choose one album from your youth that influenced you personally and musically, which one would you pick? 

Our collective taste in music is very diverse. It would be hard to choose just one.

Here we are, with a complex question, maybe a bit ambiguous as well. Do you consider yourself emo, but in the old sense?

I suppose, in some respect. There’s a lot of heart, passionate and raw energy in our music. Early emo bands such as ‘American Football’ and ‘Cap’n Jazz’ have had a big influence on us.

Hardcore is going through a really controversial moment, having some bands getting a bit copy/paste, losing a bit its freshness. What’s your view on the genre nowadays? Are there any bands you can see as real passionate in the genre? Can you name some?

We’ve never really been big fans of Hardcore as a genre but I think it’s come a long way into what seems to be more and more boring considering the reasons hardcore started out and what it stood for.

Thank you so much guys for your time, now we just would like to know if you have any full length planned in the future?  Also, a last word for the readers?

There’s no current plans for a full-length just yet. We do have our next EP on it’s way and will be able to set a release date very soon. Also, our Christmas single and new music video are to be released before the year is out.


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