Searching for Alt Folk

Brown Bird

Brown Bird are a duo from Providence, Rhode Island. The band, started as a solo-project by songwriter David Lamb, has released so far the EP ‘the Sound of Ghosts’ and the album Salt for Salt’. The backing vocals of MorganEve Swain add in some gothic vibe to this nomadic folk music, which goes from pure americana to some more Vandaveer-like gypsy-jazz (instrumental track  ‘Shiloh’). We can get the Americana/bluesy influences in tracks like ‘Fingers to the Bone’, winking at Young and Waits.  There is also some spaces for the simpler alt folk of ‘Bilgewater’, a darker and gloomier track: “It don’t matter if the cold wind blows / I’m gonna wind up working in the thick of it / sunshine through the rain and snow / there’s an oily brine bilge water baptism waiting below”. A free download of ‘Fingers to the Bone’ is available from the widget on their website.

Songs for the Sleepwalkers

Back with some alt folk influenced by the Swedish landscapes. Songs for the Sleepwalkers hails from Sweden but its core is Italian. Andrea Caccese created this project drawing some inspiration from folk, blues, post rock and ambient, blending everything in to release the debut album ‘Our rehearsed spontaneous reactions’.  The album includes some Sigur Ros-like tracks, such as the delicate ‘Icarus Falling’. Violins, repeated tunes and dreamy guitar melodies in a minimalistic approach. Songs for the Sleepwalkers plays  also with electronic incursions, creating a dissonant force (‘Awake’). The more contemplative side of the album is created by the meeting of violins and guitar (‘Set the World on Fire’), which is also exemplified in the surrealist ‘Tell Me How’. Watch the videoclip of the track to get a sneak peak of the album, out on January 2012 via Paper Wings Records.


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