Gig Review: Silver Rocket + Versailles @ CovoClub

Here we are, back again with another gig report, another unconventional adventure of your favourite freelance journalist. Last Friday I had an interview scheduled at Covo Club, Bologna. I planned a quick chat with Silver Rocket, an Italian ‘old fashioned’ band (forgive me for the pun, guys). Anyway, I guess that the really relaxed atmosphere created by a couple of beers shared and a real chat (no Q&A) made me quite hyper – aside from the dictaphone paranoia (35 minutes of talk, which I did not want to lose for any reason). After having checked that the dictaphone had done its job, I celebrated the unexpected satisfying result and crawled back to Covo after a couple of hours. Unfortunately the atmosphere in the club was quite cold. The place itself was almost empty, and did not seem likely to become crammed in the next 30 minutes. I later discovered it was also due to the shift of the ‘Maps’ night planned to another club, Locomotiv.

So, with another beer in my hands, I approached the stage while Versailles were playing. Loud, rough, dry in a pure wall of sound style, the duo made a pretty good job (especially being just a drummer and Robert Smith look-a-like on guitar). Their grungy background was supported by heavy new wave tunes, in a really powerful experience, which was clearly audible also at the entrance, just to give you an idea.

I highly hoped more people entered all in a sudden by the front door (no, that did not happen), but as I have been told by the band before, the lack of audience did not affect the neither performance nor the atmosphere. The band itself claimed to be quite ‘cold’, more focused on music and the alchemy among themselves than the audience itself, regardless the number of people. They just went on stage and started spreading energy, rough and dry sound that resembles most of the Big Names from the past: Iggy, Velvet Underground, Jesus and the Mary Chain. You can see on stage how they are co-working to make the experience direct, relying just on the essential trio bass, guitar and drums. Silver Rocket played most of the new album, ‘Old Fashioned’, with the passion and rage that just garage rock can convey. Bruno’s vocals proved that English lyrics are not just for the English singers, providing quite a good/clear pronunciation, completely in step with the raw sound, screeching and punching the audience face.

All in all ,even if the room was not crammed, the band itself carried on with its own show, completely lost in a connection we could just perceive, playing nothing less and nothing more than the ‘same old shit’. That’s all we needed folks.


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