Funk Police- Hot We Are, Funk We Play

Funk Police

Hot We Are, Funk We Play LP

(Avant! Records)



It is not easy to start a review about an album when the only thing you’re sure of is that it is completely mad. The kind of weird/freak/high/colorful mad. And you love it, you absolutely love it. And it is for its technique or the genre itself, but its way, but for it’s way of keeping you completely into the music, for all the length of ‘Hot We Are, Funk We Play’ (one exception, but nobody’s perfect). Basically, I am going to talk about an album I love, even if it is neither perfect, harmonic, nor flawless. To be fair, Dali was the first one who said “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

Funk Police are Guillaume (AH Kraken/The Feeling Of Love), Nafi (Scorpion Violent/The Dreams/The Anals) and Thierry (Dust Breeders/Flowers Of Darmstadt). They make “white” funk, blended in with new wave, synth rock, ska, tropicana and God-knows how many other genres. Everything starts with some funky psychedelic tunes (‘Back Inside You’), heavily influenced by acid rock and Hendrix. Not too long until tropicana vibes and percussions ease their way inh (‘Coco Dance’) mixing with some catchy bass guitar lines, or the new wave enhanced with some Clash resemblance (‘Sugar’). The same neurotic and energetic sound appears in the distorted ‘You Always Win’, differing from the more rock bluesy guitar riff of ‘Horsefang’ and ‘Red Blood Black Boobs’, in which heavy guitars and drums contrast with some funky vocals and background. If we can get this condensation of genre with a distorted ska-like mambo (‘Immigrant Pekin Mambo Love Song‘), it’s with the energetic immediate ‘Why Do I Always Have To Live In The Same Fucking Song?’, that we get the real significance of blending in: post punk, new wave, synthrock and ska guitars live together in these few minutes of chaos. Apart from some weak interludes, in which the tension is released, ‘Hot We Are, Funk We Play’ is a really good album, which will be fully appreciated by the more experimental readers. A real smack in your faces.


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