If You Were…Max and the Wild Things

Remember the first new-country-punk-wave band in the music scene? I introduced you to Max and the Wild Things a while ago, and now they are going to talk a bit about themselves. Waiting for the album ‘Neptune Crown’ to land, here there are Max and the Wild Things.

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

Our band plays country music mixed with bluegrass and punk

What are you up to at the moment:

Currently we’re getting ready to release our second album and gearing up to record a live album that’ll be pressed exclusively to vinyl.

If you were a color, which one would you be? Why?

If we were a color we’d be green, we get going and don’t do much slowing down or stopping.

If you were a genre? Why?

I like to think of our music as country music, today’s country has much more of a pop sensibility than our music but in the past it has been fast and loose.

If you were an ice-cream flavour?  Why?

Rocky Road

If you were a movie? Why?

“easy rider,” we don’t have a big budget but i’d like to think our music has some story to it.

If you were an instrument? Why?

We’d be a banjo, we’re loud and strange.

If you were a super power? Why?

We would be a shape shifter, our music has some genre range.

If you were a music decade? Why?

We’d be the 70’s, still a lot of the folk and rock influence from the 60’s but we’ve definitely got some punk and we do use a little bit synthesizers.


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