No Keys – The Regency

No Keys

The Regency





You’ll like it if:

-you were part of the youth generation in the 80s

– you wish you were part of the youth in the 80s

New Wave is back. If Smiths/Joy Division/Happy Mondays influences can be found in most of the new indie pop releases, a new wave album is a far cry from just some guitar strumming. This is why the Italian band Nokeys produced an interesting debut, blending in some post punk and more ‘classic’ new wave, in a real tribute to the sound of the 80s.

Nokeys hails from Parma, traveling back and forth between Italy and Sweden. The quartet released ‘The Regency’ in 2009 in Italy (SFEM /Audioglobe) and Sweden (SFEM/Wonderland), and after that played at the Italian independent festival MI AMI, toured in Scandinavia, performed for the opening of Siesta! Festivalen 2010 and filmed two videoclips in Sweden. Even if they announced the intention of working on new material, what we have now is the post-punk/synth-pop of ‘The Regency’.

First point I need to make, for an English/international listener, the Italian lyrics, which often alternate the English ones, can be quite odd, but after a couple of listens they actually start to become smoother. The tracks themselves alternate some Soft Cell-esque synth pop ( ‘Rock’n’roll pistolero’, ‘Dolore dolcissimo’) and the distorted guitar of energetic tracks like ‘The trivial captivity’. Even if Depeche Mode echoes through most of the songs, the gloomy new wave of Cure gets in ‘Eyes of riot’ or ‘The lads’. Even more melancholic are the echoes of ‘Underwater’ (Joy Division) and the lullaby ‘Another step’. If the closer ‘Morning’ is a bit too gloomy, losing itself in a continuos quotation of the 80s, the track ‘Slow’ is a real twist, warmer and more intimate, like a vintage Jeff Buckley. 

All in all, this 10 tracks are a quite interesting insight of three decades ago,  in an explicit celebration of Dave Gahan and friends. A nostalgic tribute for a nostalgic era.



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